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Disk error, bad Reid.

A sweet guy. Got sick of sound editing for the film business and decided to make many and severe changes. Went back to school and finished a master's degree in computer science (5/06) to go with a BA in Music ('81)... Then promptly found the work I was looking for... And then it's gone. Looked again. And found something that will do just fine. I'll be there a while. I like looking at the world and at who I am, and why both are the way they are. I love long conversations with those who have something to say, but who don't hold on to what they say too tightly.

I love tossing about dreadful puns and word twists, hense the nickname from gothgeekgirl which she saw as an error message from some computer workstation running some flavor of UNIX: "Disk error: bad read (Reid)".

*blinks innocently*